Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement Team

In December 2016, Diane Wilkes-Tribitt, CEO and Founder of D’Lyric Inspired®, LLC took the first step to make a difference in her community and launched the Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement™ (HVAM). It was not until Diane realized that doing nothing would not make a difference in her life or the lives of others diagnosed with this life-altering disorder. Therefore, she chose to be an advocate, a voice and began to do something starting within her own community with the hope it would spark a fire of interest and spread globally. The collective goal of HVAM is to dispel the myths and tell the facts about Vitiligo and educate the community about what Vitiligo is and what is not.

Vitiligo - Houston
Educating the Houston Community on how to plant S.E.E.Ds of Vitiligo Awareness
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HVAM TEAM (From Left): Dorothea Hicks, Naiveth Alvarez, Diane Wilkes-Tribitt (Founder), Gabrielle Tukes, Kurtis Nickerson, Charon Jones, Ke’Tara Wells, Gwen Barrett-McCray (Not shown: Kim Lincoln, Crystal “Cece” Johnson, Faygan Francis, LaToya Smith, Will Durham, Jeremy Ward