From The Heart

  • In our haste to make things happen, we miss out on the lessons that God is trying to teach us along the way.  Slow down.


  • Intimate exchanges can speak volumes.


  • Bigger is not always better.


  • Everything that we see is not always as it appears. 


  • Don't be disillusioned by an illusion of something or someone that really is an illusion.


  • Be lead to the people that are your "divine connections".


  •  Mapping out your journey is valuable. Find time to  journal your journey.


  • God will not only order our steps, He will confirm them as well.


  • When our emotions are high and our adrenaline is flowing, we can get off track and start steering away from the path we were placed on.

You can listen with your heart and hear from your heart at the same time.