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“Diane helps to show us that God can use our trials and our pain for something even more powerful if we cast our cares on Him. She bravely shares her life, which will inspire others with her faith and serve as a daily encouragement to fully trust in our mighty Savior who is the Author and Perfecter of our lives.” 

~Dr. Alanna Bree, A Children’s House For The Soul

“These poignant stories touch your heart, move you to tears, strengthen your faith, and deepen your trust in God’s love. Eloquent, profound and emotional, My Journey To Just Be ME draws readers to reflect on their own journeys and reexamine our deeply held assumptions about the meaning of spirituality and its link to building inner peace. Author Diane Wilkes Tribitt’s story inspires us all in how she was able to overcome struggles and meet her challenges with the grace of God. Truly an amazing piece of work, a spiritual gem!”

~Jennifer J. Hayes, MRCP, Director of Operations

“I must say my Sister and Friend, Diane Wilkes Tribitt, has truly touched my soul by writing this book. I am so proud of her work and her astounding way with words to provoke, move and inspire us to want to become better individuals. This is a book everyone should have in their midst! In all things we must be grateful. Even though we go through the fire and flood (fiery trials of life), God will bring us out to our wealthy place; our place of abundance to the fullest until it overflows! Don’t give up! Get Excited! The Lord will perfect that which concerns us! Send Judah first cause we win! #Yes Indeed My Journey To Just Be ME is surely and truly amazing!”

~Shelia Moore-Piper, Indie Artist

“I wasn’t there in the beginning of Diane’s life:  it wasn’t a part of the plan. Once the Lord allowed our paths to cross, it was evident God was doing something unique in her life. She didn’t quite understand it, but trusted the hand of God to lead, guide and direct her every move. All was intentional, as it became crystal clear that this life Diane was living was part of a master plan:  HIS plan. The Lord proved her meaning and purpose as to why He created her by giving her pieces of a puzzle that perfectly fit together, until she got the BIG picture. She had no choice in the matter because it was what the Father created her to be, HIS. This journey unfolded right before all of our eyes and it was beautiful to behold HIS master plan for her. I think Diane’s walk is best described by the words of songwriter Jonathan McReynolds, “From the very beginning, this life that I’m living was part of Your plan all along. So I don’t thank my lucky stars, ‘cause that’s not where, my blessings are, no they come from, the Father’s heart, not the sky, not chance, but truth is, I’m not lucky, I’m loved.”

~Karen Steward, NTA Board of Directors, Texas Southern University