Girls Night Out - A Twist of Faith Stage Play

Girls Night Out - A Twist of Faith Stage Play was originated & inspired by Diane Wilkes Tribitt. The actual script was written by Playwright Barbara Starkes and Directed by Brenda Wilson aka Bebe. Music Director Patrick Tribitt will be bringing a twist with his band! 2 Hearts Connection (D'Lyric Inspired and Healing Hearts Network) will come together again to bring this production back to the stage! Darrin Baker will be our Stage Manager keeping things in order and moving! Stay tuned to meet the original cast & possibly a couple of new cast members!


NOTE: A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales, monetary donations, & sponsorships will be presented to The Alzheimer's Association.  This will be the first of other productions brought to the stage to support worthy causes! Knowledge is the POWER of bringing more awareness about the disease but money helps to find a cure!


Synopsis: Five women, each one different from the other, with their own lifestyles, careers and families, yet they have become best friends. They look forward to their Girls Night Out where they can enjoy a good meal, listen to some great music, and for a little while they can forget about the cares of the world and just enjoy each other’s company. This night has become a tradition for them but none of them suspect that this Girls Night Out - by a Twist of Faith - will take a different turn. Pasts will be relived, lives will be changed, and healing will occur. Each of them is carrying a story inside that needs to be told. Each of them is connected in ways they never suspected. It has been said no one can tell your story like you can. That may be true, but in some instances you may not realize you have a story, let alone find the words and courage to tell it. You may need a friend to help reveal to you what you may have suppressed for years. These ladies will tell a story, it doesn’t matter if they are telling their own story or the story of someone else. Any of the stories could belong to any of the ladies or even to you. How? We all have a story to tell.