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Message From My Daughter

May 2, 2014

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Inspirations from Kirk Whalum's - Gospel According To Jazz Chapter 4

May 1, 2014

"There are songs that inspire me and so I like to ignite a musical light and pass it on to someone else to be inspired!" D'Lyric

My husband will testify I have a tendency to wear a song out & I have been doing just that tonight. Dancing around like a little girl with tears running down my face listening to Track 13 on "LOVE IS THE ANSWER"  on The Gospel According to Jazz Chapter 4". I just love good music!!!! But even more, I love music that speaks life to me and into me!


Let's get this straight, YES, I am a  Kirk Whalum fan because I sincerely love how he puts his heart out there when he performs for the world to see. He is so transparent & when he becomes passionate about something, you can't help but feel it. God has an anointing on his life & he is a minister of the gospel through his music!!! 


I'm so serious, if you haven't gotten his latest project, please do yourself a favor and go get it!!! I can't seem to get through the whole thing without getting stuck because I keep finding a song that engages me so much I put it on repeat (for days)! This time it's "LOVE IS THE ANSWER"! The title says it all because with all that's happening in this world, we all need to get and give some love. This song is so uplifting and when I tell you I was in my room literally spinning around, two stepping by myself, waving my hands, crying, shouting out to, it's truly a feel good song! 


PSA: The only payment I'm getting for promoting this CD is pure happiness as I learn more about the music and the lyrics of each song. As I give out, I know one day it will be returned to me. As a writer, some things just make you examine the works of other great musicians closer. Kirk's music is somewhat of a muse for me! I want to write songs, books, plays, etc. that stand for something, touch the heart of the people who hear or see them and deliver a message that is heartfelt....



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